Bike Rentals

Rental bikes available and fee per day


  • Bottled water is available ($1 per bottle)
  • A helmet is included. A helmet must be worn while riding.
  • Routes suggested; free map provided.
  • Free Parking
  • Restroom
  • Bikes equipped with water bottle cage and a lock.
  • Some bikes have a small bag.
  • A mirror is mounted on hybrid bicycles .
  • All bikes come with flat pedals. The Trek 1.2’s come with SPD / flat pedals. We have a few of the common pedals available.
  • $5 fee for changing pedals.


Riding from the shop is highly recommended. You can be on secondary roads in half a mile. A good ride for road bikes or hybrids is to head south on Richville and River Road 11 miles to Arlington. This route has a couple of smallish hills, a covered bridge and refreshments. Then, after eating lots of homemade chocolate and fudge you’ll be well-fueled and wound-up for the ride back!

Another route is heading toward Dorset; mountain bikes can find adventure at The Equinox Preserve.

Bike Rentals Fine Print.

  1. A day starts at 9:30 and ends at 5:30.
  2. We will do 24 hour days, but the first day starts at 9:30. You may also start and end at 5:30.
  3. If you plan to transport the bike, you must have a bike rack or large vehicle.
  4. Piling bikes in the back of a car is NOT recommended.
  5. Reservations can be made, but you must know what size bike you want. (they come in at least 5 sizes)
  6. We do not accept last minute cancellations due to weather.
  7. The best plan is to come early on the day you want to ride.


We will need your credit card number to pay for the bike rental.

Be prepared for a great adventure! We’ll fit you to a bike, get you a helmet and a bottle of water and suggest a route. We’ll even take your picture –with your camera of course, and send you on your way.