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General Service Options

Battenkill Bicycles is a full-service bike shop with decades of experience in bike repair and servicing road and mountain bikes for casual or competitive riders.

Bicycle Tune-ups

Spring is here and so are the riding days (albeit random for now) so be sure to get your bike into the shop ahead of the rush and make sure you’re ready to hit the road or trail when the roads clear and warmer weather returns.

Workshop Services

Disc Brake Bleed:

$30 per brake
Complete flush of old fluid. Replaced with manufacturers recommended fluids. Clean and inspect brake pads. Replace pads if needed(price of pads extra)

Full Tune Up:

$60 parts extra
clean and degrease bike, tighten all nuts and bolts to their torque spec, true wheels on the bike, adjust shifting and brakes, check and adjust all bearings(headset, hubs, bottom bracket), clean and relubricate chain

Deluxe Tune-Up:

$120 (cables and housing included other parts extra)
All the same work as the full tune up, and adding true wheels off of the bike in the truing stand, new shifting cables+housing installed.

Suspension fork service:

$60 plus the price of seal kit
This is a service recommended by the manufacturers to be done at least once a year.Removal of fork lowers. Remove open bath fluids.Clean lowers and stanchions. Replace dust wipers. Check bushings. Replace open bath fluids. Reinstall lowers.

Wheel Building:

$75 plus parts

General Service Fees

Brake Servicing

Bleed disc brake (single) – $30.00
Quick bleed disc brake – $20.00
Install disc brake pads – $10.00
Install walker brake cable – $15.00
Install brake pads 4 – $10.00

Additional Services

Box For Shipment – $60.00
Box For Shipment and Deliver to Shipper – $70.00

Bearings Services

Install headset $30.00
Overhaul front hub – $30.00
Overhaul headset – $30.00
Install new fork – $75.00

Drivetrain Servicing

Install cable w/tune-up – $6.00
Install new tire/tube w/tune-up – $8.00
Install chain – $12.00
Install/overhaul Bottom Bracket – $25.00
True wheel – $25.00
Install new spokes, true wheel $30.00
Install cassette/freewheel $12.00
Wheel Build – $75.00

Accessories Installation

Tape road handlebars – $15.00
Install tire/tube rear – $12.00
Overhaul rear hub – $35.00
Build New Bike From Box – $70.00
Install Barends – $10.00
Install cyclometer – $10.00
Install cable only – $20.00